Luxe Soothe

No More Squirming Or Twisting To Apply Lotion On Your Back!


Keep your back silky smooth by using The Ultimate Back Lotion Applicator.
You can easily get in those hard to reach areas.
It had 19 roller balls that provide a smooth, even layer of moisturizer.

back lotion applicator

Perfect For Those With Limited Mobility!

The handle of this lotion applicator measures 17. 25 inches long. This allows you to apply creams and gels to hard to reach areas, such as the back, without twisting or squirming, making it ideal for those with limited mobility.

The roller balls also massage sore and tight muscles to help you relax.

Extremely Easy To Use!

Simply fill this applicator with lotion, cream or oil, and the rolling balls will gently massage it into your skin!

back lotion applicator
The included airtight cover lid easily snaps onto and tightly seals the applicator head. This keeps the lotion reservoirs from drying out or leaking between uses, ensuring reliable application time after time.



It can be used with lotions, sunscreen or shower gels. You can use it in the shower, after your shower or even to apply sunscreen when you're at the beach.

If You Don't Have Someone To Help Apply Lotion On Your Back On A Regular Basis, Our Luxe Soothe Is Exactly What You Need!


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