Dolphy - Ultimate Disposable Toilet Brush

The Last Toilet Brush You'll Ever Need! 

Did you know how much bacteria lives in your toilet brush even after cleaning or rinsing it off?
Regular toilet brushes can be hazardous to your health!
They not only hold on to bacteria from the toilet water, but they can also trap other germs or toilet paper which is not only unsanitarybut extremely unhealthy!
Luckily Dolphy - Ultimate Disposable Toilet Brush solves this issue.
 The scrubbing heads are disposable! You no longer need to store a dirty, germ-ridden toilet brush.
 Disposable Toilet Brush

The Curve Technology

The Curve Technology makes it extremely easy to get in those hard spots in your toilet bowl. You can finally get rid of the "calcium build-up" in your potty.
They accumulate over time and become very visible inside the toilet bowl as the disgusting infamous yellow stains around the edges! 

And The Worst Part...

Eventually, these minerals can even accumulate in your pipes, causing a toilet block!
Disposable Toilet Brush

Say Goodbye To Disgusting Bacteria Filled Toilet Brushes!

✅ Easily clean the hard-to-reach places under the bowl rim.
✅ Scrub away toilet stains and simply flush the dirty pad away.
✅ Cleans your toilet and leaves a fresh scent.
✅ You no longer have to worry about cleaning the scrubber part of your toilet brush.

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